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About Us


Welcome to Cannibal Planet the fastest growing community in the femcan niche, this place is the closest you will get to your dream without getting burned. This community is for the exploration of cannibal fantasies where femcans (female cannibals) are top of the food chain

Since cannibalism is problematic in real life, this community is forced to stay fantasy only and we are strict in keeping it that way, else the site would be shut down and that would suck for all of us!

Do not use this site to hook up with anybody

We encourage members to create art and write stories to explore this great fantasy. We also encourage our community to leave comments! Lets explore together!

Fell free to post your meat! One thing we hate are dick pics without food Here are examples of great Dick Pics

Be sure to fill in your profile as completely as possible so the community can get to know you better! Also add an avatar! Profiles that are empty without an avatar are boring and suspicious!

List of important pages

Menu Page: To get around

Group Chat every Friday:

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Be social by messaging and posting comments to help support CP

Do not ask me to please eat you! We are NOT responsible if you meet with anyone outside this site. That is your responsibility!

Other then that lets explore and learn from each other!

Have questions ask me and if I think of more I will let you know :)